I wish I could give this team more than five stars!! I was 21 years old when I first came to this law office and they spent years fighting for me to get me my green card. I met more than four other lawyers, but they all refused to help saying the government was not going to approve my application. But when I met the lawyers at Tax and Immigration Solutions, they asked me only one question: whether Or not I had ever been convicted of a crime, and the answer was no. The attorney told me “yes I can help you,” and he did. I’m a US Citizen now, because of his hard work and honesty. All the people that I referred or sent to him said the same thing about him. I’m grateful for all his efforts on my behalf.

Iqbal T.

I highly recommend using the attorneys with this firm based on my own experience. I was in the country for several years and didn’t know how to fix my immigration situation after I fell out of status. Finally, my wife who was already their client before we got married introduced me to the Tax and Immigration team. The attorney asked me to be patient and stay out of trouble so that he could eventually get me my green card, which he certainly delivered. I have my green card now and I couldn’t be happier with their attitude, experience, and service.

Shazia Z.

I hired the Tax and Immigration team many years ago and they have been my family’s lawyers ever since. I keep recommending them because they understand your situation and give you very practical and honest advice. They worked with me throughout my immigration journey answering questions, providing clarifications, and following up as and when appropriate. I highly recommend using the attorneys with this firm based on my excellent experience. I was in the country for several years and once I realized that I needed to change lawyers I met with several people. I was convinced to hire the Tax and Immigration team of lawyers and paralegals after meeting them just once.

Harbeer B.

He is our family lawyer for 20 years. We have a very good experience with him. Have recommended him to so many people because of his excellent service. He rates him highly and give him 5 stars.

Kojo B.

The experience I had with the services granted by the Tax and Immigration team was very professional and excellent. Every aspect of the process was clearly explained to my understanding and satisfaction. Thank you very much for your very kind assistance.

Daniel V.

I was impressed with the overall service the firm provided. From the first time I called to the day I met the attorney, they were caring, helpful, and knowledgeable. I specifically appreciate that from the very beginning they showed their caring and understanding of my situation. They were honest, kind, and extremely professional.

Mukhtar B.

I met with the Tax and Immigration team when I made an appointment to discuss my daughter’s immigration issues. At our first meeting, one of his staff recognized me as an actress and a performer in my native country. I was pleasantly surprised, and found them to be super friendly, kind, and respectful. They have taken care of my family’s immigration issues for the past 18 years. I highly recommend them.